mini-lit review drafting workhshop

Mini-Lit Review Rough Draft Workshop

Step 1: Read through the draft carefully, using “track changes” make necessary corrections in grammar/spelling/syntax as you see fit. Using “comments” add any questions, comments, or concerns that come up as you read.
Step 2: Please cut and paste the follow and add it to the end of the draft you’re reviewing for today:

Name of Writer:
Name of Reviewer:

1. Underscore the research question or purpose. In your own words, paraphrase the writer’s main argument for his or her particular public health concern:

2. Evaluate: How clear and appropriately specific is the writer’s about the public health concern facing UNC students? Is it appropriately focused and does it answer the questions of the assignment?

3. Finish reading the paper and sketch a brief outline demonstrating how the writer goes about supporting his or her claim.

4. Evaluate the writer’s evidence and mode of argumentation: What parts of the paper could use more details or specific examples?  What parts of the paper have clear details and excellent support?

5. Highlight terms or phrases that the writer needs to define for the reader

6. Grammar and Structure: Does the writer connect his or her ideas together with appropriate transitions? Does the paper have appropriate and sophisticated voice and tone (i.e. is the language of this letter suited for the audience? Is the paper largely free from grammatical and syntactical errors?

7. How effective is your writer’s intervention? Is it something that effectively addresses the problem?