Grant Proposals – Common Mistakes

A list of review criteria for our drafting workshop:


Is the proposal significant, exciting or new?
Does it have a compelling rationale?
Will it have a large enough impact?


Is the proposal ambitious enough? (not too much work and not too little work)
Is there a clear goal or focus?
Does it have a clear future direction?
Is it bogged down with experimental details?
Does it have sufficient preliminary data to establish feasibility? (is the lit review strong?)
Does it acknowledge potential pitfalls?
*If you’re writing for research money: does the project have appropriate controls, is it testing the hypothesis, and does it have correlative or descriptive data? Does it discuss alternative models or hypotheses?


Is the project innovative?


Does the project have appropriately experienced researchers?


Does the project have institutional support and/or collaboration?


Did you do the math right and does it meet the financial constraints of the grant for which you’re applying?


Did you follow the formatting requirements for the proposed grant?